Raspberry Pi Mini Computer Now Shipping With RAM Upgraded To 512MB



The Raspberry Pi mini computer just got a RAM upgrade â€“ from 256MB to 512MB — but the $35 price-tag is staying the same. Eben Upton, chip design and founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, said the extra RAM follows frequent suggestions for a more expensive version of the Pi with more RAM for those who want to use the Pi for general computing purposes. But Upton notes the Foundation is “very attached to $35 as our highest price point†— in a recent interview with TC, Upton described price as “our differentiatorâ€.

“There were a lot of boards like Raspberry Pi in the $200 range but not a lot in the $25 to $35 range,†he told me. “You’ve got to see [price] as our differentiator. The big impressive thing we’ve done, as far as I’m concerned, is to make this stuff cheap and available – we’re not making anything that didn’t exist before, but we’re making a thing that previously was very expensive [affordable].â€


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