May 22, 2001

Rauch Medien and Arco technology come together in RAID Alert

Author: JT Smith

Rauch Medien (
has decided to base RAID Alert, their upcoming remote RAID monitoring system,
on Arco RAID technology (
The RAID Alert system is a combination of hardware and software that continuously
monitors your RAID system and, in the event of a problem, alerts you with important
information via email or email-enabled device like pager or cell phone.

"We believe RAID Alert will prove to be a very valuable tool to the IT community,"
said Robert Lodato, Marketing Director for Rauch Medien. "It will enable system
administrators to know precisely which drive failed on which server, as soon
as it happens."

How it works
The RAID Alert system continuously monitors your RAID array and alerts you when
any problem has been detected. The RAID Alert system can be configured to respond
with detailed technical information on your system. This includes system status,
identification information (IP Address, Host Name, and Alert Alias), error information,
hardware configuration information (Such as hard drive specs), and RAID status
code. The alert can then be received via email or email-enabled device like
pager or cellular phone.

The RAID Alert system is perfect for call centers, data centers, and corporate
networks where large IT managerial tasks exist. The RAID Alert system streamlines
these tasks by automating the monitoring of your network's storage and keeping
your IT staff informed on current network events. This addition to Rauch Medien's
email alert system that comes standard on all servers, provides peace of mind
not available with any other server on the market.

Proven Technology
Rauch Medien has based RAID Alert on Arco's proven RAID technology. "Arco's
RAID technology is a very mature product that has proven its reliability in
the field, which is what counts," said Cory R. Rauch, Director of Technology
for Rauch Medien. "This, coupled with excellent technical support, is why we
chose to go with Arco."

"Arco is pleased that our DupliDisk II technology has been selected by Rauch
Medien," said Joel Rieger, Marketing Manager for Arco Computer Products, Inc.
"DupliDisk II technology remains the proven solution leader for IDE RAID in
the Linux marketplace."

The RAID Alert system will be available by month's end Rauch Medien's web-site and will be available to be configured with any Rauch Medien
server system. To learn more about what RAID Alert can do for you please visit
or call toll-free 1-877-324-0887.

About Rauch Medien
Rauch Medien, headquartered in New York, USA, develops, manufactures, and markets
Linux and Open Source based hardware and software. Rauch Medien also maintains
the operating system and computer tech site OSFAQ (
Since conception, Rauch Medien has focused on providing Linux and Open Source
based solutions for real world applications. Their comprehensive product line
includes workstations, servers, clusters, and storage. More information is available

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