January 4, 2001

Rauch Medien releases DB-Box

Author: JT Smith

New York, USA - Rauch Medien announces the release of their DB-Box product. The DB-Box when connected to network offers a platform independent database solution designed for small and medium sized businesses.

DB-Box Capabilities
DB-Box simply plugs into your existing network. Then from any of the workstation the DB-Box appears as a regular web-site. Using a web-browser you can construct a database that fits any task. Any device on your network that has a web browser can then access this database. This offers complete platform independent capability, and stability with proven technology used on major web-sites. The database software is constructed completely in PHP and MySQL running on Linux, and can handle up to 500 users. In addition, The DB-Box comes complete with RAID level 0 data protection, and includes an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that will safely shutdown the computer during a power outage for added reliability.

Cost effective & easy to use
DB-Box is a complete database solution that does not require any additional items. On average most companies spend a couple of thousand dollars on database software alone that does not cover the cost of the server or server OS software. Typical installation requires hefty licensing fees. The DB-Box features an unlimited user license. In addition, The DB-Box does not require an IT department to maintain. Once set-up it does not require any user intervention. A DB-Box will save you money in both respects with a price of only $1,275 (Tower).

Availability & System Requirements
The DB-Box will ship in February (2001), but can be ordered in advance via our web-site at link It will be available in both a Tower and 1U Rack-Mount chassis. It requires a TCP/IP Protocol network, Ethernet RJ-45 10/100 Twisted Pair Cable, a hub or switch, and the clients must have a web browser (4.0 and up recommended).

About Rauch Medien
Rauch Medien is based out of New York, USA, and produces various business and consumer applications. Rauch Medien also maintains a computer tech site called OSFAQ.com link -Cory Rauch

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