June 5, 2001

Rauch Medien releases the first Dual AMD Athlon 1U

Author: JT Smith

An anonymous reader writes: "Rauch Medien (http://www.rauchmedien.com)
is proud to announce the release of the Prolinium 1850 server system. The
Prolinium 1850 is the first 1U system based on the AMD 760MP chipset for dual
AMD Athlon capability. It features the capability of 225 GB of storage, Dual
1.33 GHz+ AMD Athlon processors, 3 GB DDR ECC Ram, and remote administration
with web based control panel. All of this fits in a standard 19" 1U
rack-mount chassis.

760MP Power

The Prolinium 1850 features the powerful AMD 760MP chipset. The Prolinium
1850 allows you to put more AMD processor per box than any other 1U before.
Using a special air channeling and heatsink system we are able to put dual 1.33
GHz+ AMD Athlon processors in a 1U chassis with up to 225 GB RAID array and 3 GB
of ECC DDD RAM. This allows the user to configure a system approaching
performance levels unheard of before. The Prolinium 1850 also includes our
standard server features like remote administration with web based control panel
and wide OS support with compatibility with FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux kernel
v2.2 or v2.4 based distributions.


The Prolinium 1850 features easy setup and management. It simply plugs in and
features an easy to use web interface to aid in the installation. In addition,
administration can be performed remotely with its built-in web-based control
panel. Tasks such as setting up new servers, and services can all be performed
via this web-based control. Email alerts can also be setup to allow the
administrator to be alerted on service failure via email. In addition it allows
you to customize it with up to 225 GB RAID array, two hot-swap SCA SCSI bays
(optional 3rd SCA bay available), one or two 1.33 GHz+ Athlon
processors, and up to 3 GB ECC DDR RAM.


The Rauch Medien Prlinium 1850 Server is available now, and can be ordered on
our web-site at http://www.rauchmedien.com.
It comes in a sleek black 1U rack-mount chassis and prices start at $2,384 (USD).

About Rauch Medien

Rauch Medien is based out of New York, USA, and produces various business and
consumer hardware and software. Rauch Medien also maintains a computer tech site
called OSFAQ.com (http://www.osfaq.com).

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