January 30, 2001

Rauch Medien releases rack-mount 1U Internet server

Author: JT Smith

Rauch Medien (http://www.rauchmedien.com) is proud to announce the release of their RM Internet Server Appliance. The RM Internet Server Appliance offers a complete Internet (HTTP, FTP, and email) server solution based on the rock solid Linux OS in a 1U chassis.
The RM Internet Server is a complete Internet server solution that can host web-sites and serve emails with the ease of a appliance. It features dual 566mhz processor churning with a RAID 1 array for a storage capacity of 20 gigabytes. It also features the rock solid Linux OS for added stability. It's come pre-configured ready to tackle your largest web hosting or email service operations right from the box. In addition, It offers complete remote administration with an easy to use web browser administration GUI that shields the user from the complexity of Linux. It comes built in a 1U chassis which is just 1.75" thick, and can be stacked 40 servers high in a standard 19" rack.

Cost effective & reliable
The RM Internet Server Appliance features easy management and deployment via its advance remote administration features. It will save you time in both installation and management. You can add services and software remotely to your customer's site. And its 1U chassis allows you to fit 40 servers in a standard 19" inch rack for better utilization of space.

The RM Internet Server Appliance is available now, and can be ordered via our web-site at http://www.rauchmedien.com. It is priced at $2,400, so it will not hurt the wallet either. These features are typically found in servers costing a grand or two more.

About Rauch Medien
Rauch Medien is based out of New York, USA, and produces various business and consumer hardware and software. Rauch Medien also maintains a computer tech site called OSFAQ.com (http://www.osfaq.com).

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