March 14, 2001

Rauch Medien releases RM LB load-balancing server

Author: JT Smith

Rauch Medien ( is proud to announce the release of its RM LB Server product. The RM LB Server is a load-balancing system based on Linux that gives you the ability to make a collection of servers appear as one, and distribute the workload across these systems.

How it works
The RM LB attaches to your network and to a private network where the collection of servers is attached. When incoming requests come in, the RM LB distributes the requests over the private network to the servers. The server than answer the requests and the RM LB hands them back on to your network. If a server where to go down the RM LB would mark it as failed and hand the request to any of the other live servers, keeping your services running smoothly. In addition, large amounts of server requests can be handled at once resulting in higher quality high performance service. The RM LB is based on Linux, but the servers themselves do not require to be running Linux. They can be mixed with various OSs like Unix, Solaris, Windows NT, FreeBSD, and Linux.

The RM LB features easy setup and management. It simply plugs in and features an easy to use web interface to setup it up. In addition, administration can be performed remotely with its built-in web-based control panel. Tasks such as setting up new servers, and services can all be performed via this web-based control.

The RM LB Server is available now, and can be ordered on our web-site at It comes in a 1U-rack mount chassis and priced at $1,100 (USD).

About Rauch Medien
Rauch Medien is based out of New York, USA, and produces various business and consumer hardware and software. Rauch Medien also maintains a computer tech site called (

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