February 23, 2001

Rauch Medien releases their RM High Availability Cluster product

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes "New York, USA - Rauch Medien (http://www.rauchmedien.com) is proud to announce the release of their RM HA Cluster product. The RM HA Cluster is designed for mission critical and high availability application, where service is crucial. Plus, offers huge performance benefits with servers that can handle thousands of requests a seconds.
RM HA Cluster Capabilities
The RM HA Cluster consists of a collection of servers mounted in a rack running Redhat HA Server and RM enhancements that transparently appear as one large server. If one server fails the other servers will continue the service you are running with no downtime. In addition, performance advantages are seen with load balancing. Load balancing is a technique that allows task to be shared among the collection of servers. This provides huge performance advantages and stability for demanding environments.

RM HA Cluster Features
The RM HA Cluster are based on our 2U servers rack-mounted in our heavy-duty racks. Each system is then configured to the user request, and comes ready to run right from the box. The RM HA Cluster also features the Piranha web GUI for remote administration and management. This eases the chores of managing our cluster system, and shields the complexity of cluster system. In addition, it available in two colors, beige and black.

Availability & System Requirements
The RM HA Cluster is available now, and can be ordered on our web-site at http://www.rauchmedien.com'>http://www.rauchmedien. com. It comes ready to work with rack, hub, and cables. Prices start at $6,968 (USD).

About Rauch Medien
Rauch Medien is based out of New York, USA, and produces various business and consumer hardware and software. Rauch Medien also maintains a computer tech site called OSFAQ.com (http://www.osfaq.com).

Rauch Medien
Sales & Marketing"

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