Ready for Open SDN? OpenDaylight at ONS 2016


OpenDaylight Infographic v3 smallIn the past few years, the networking industry has made great strides toward building software-defined networks and in particular, open source SDNs. We’ve gone from tire-kicking to proofs-of-concept to the broad end user adoption we see today.

OpenDaylight (ODL) was introduced 33 months ago and is now 600+ developers strong. The platform has been integrated into dozens of solutions and used by organizations spanning telcos, enterprises, and research, and more recently finance and energy as shown in a recent survey. We also just announced that Beryllium – the community’s fourth release – is now available for download.

While SDN use cases continue to evolve, one thing has remained constant: organizations are seeking a single, common platform that they can build their networks around long-term. This will take years to materialize but signs are pointing in the right direction. In addition to community, solutions and adoption, another sign of a healthy and growing platform is an app ecosystem which is already beginning to form around OpenDaylight.

We invite you to join us at Open Networking Summit for the OpenDaylight Mini Summit on Monday, March 14 (free with event registration). We’ll cover topics including how OpenDaylight is being used in production, hands-on tutorials with the latest release, working with code for new and advanced users, and more.

You can also catch the ONS Webinar “OpenDaylight: Beryllium Technical Deep Dive” happening today, March 3, at 11:30 a.m. PST. Register here.

Join OpenDaylight at Open Networking Summit, March 14-17 in Santa Clara, CA.

Melissa Logan is Head of Marketing at OpenDaylight, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.