Ready for the success of mainstream UNIX?


Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes “We as industry observers know that UNIX is making a revival and currently boasts a cool and hip image. This revitalized image isn’t just fluff. UNIX still maintains its history of rock-solid stability, but the OS also is extremely fun to play around with.

I personally love it. I use Linux each day at home and at school, and I use Solaris and BSD. I almost feel sick sitting down in front of a Windoze box these days. So I really want UNIX to succeed. I want it to become not only a big server player, but a big embedded player and, most importantly, a big desktop player.

Never fear — this isn’t one of those “Linux will win the desktop” or “Linux won’t win the desktop” articles. I want to talk about UNIX more generally on the desktop, why it appeals to me, and what needs to happen before it becomes reality.”


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