July 10, 2001

Real live trolling on the South Shore rail

Author: JT Smith

"If you really want to tell people how cool Linux is, don't just sit there and spout off useless fanaticism. Explain to people
why open source and free software are beneficial to them. Talk in real numbers, real advantages. You can't just spray
out silly comments like 'Linux will kick Windows ass' and expect people to respond positively. Anyone with half a brain
could come back with a just as stupid argument and point out to you that Linux has been around since 1991, just as long
as Windows, so why hasn't it happened yet? It's had 10 years to kick Windows' ass, and it hasn't in the desktop space.
What are you going to say to that? Are you going to say that Linux has not headed for that direction except in recent
years? Are you going to point out Linux's very strong deployment in the server and embedded spaces? Or are you just
going to sit there and spew out mocking and hateful little comments trying to boost your own sense of superiority?" More at LinuxPlanet.com.


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