October 22, 2003

Real, Motorola mobilize media with Linux

RealNetworks scored a deal under which its RealOne Player streaming media software will be incorporated into Linux-based phones built by Motorola.

The companies said Wednesday that the phones, which will let people access both audio and video content using RealNetworks applications, will become
available sometime during the first half of 2004.

The partnership represents another step forward in bringing Linux, an open-source operating system, to wireless devices. RealNetworks has increasingly
expanded its Linux-related efforts. The company announced earlier this year that it will release the source code of its audio and video player to run
on the operating system. The company previously released the source code for its Helix video and audio compression technology and Helix DNA media
servers, which support many file formats including MPEG-4 and Windows Media.

Link: zdnet.com


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