May 7, 2002

Real-time Linux sub-kernels, benchmarks, and . . .

Anonymous Reader writes, "In part three of an Embedded Linux Journal series of articles by Kevin Dankwardt on Real-time Linux, Dankwardt reviewed the sub-kernel approach as used in RTLinux and RTAI and provided some benchmark numbers. Following publication of Dankwardt's article, MontaVista Software's Kevin Morgan issued a "response" to Dankwardt's article in which he offered "a few clarifications (or points of view)". Next, Victor Yodaiken and Matt Sherer (of FSMLabs) reacted to Kevin Morgan's response to Dankwardt's article, taking exception to Morgan's assertion that RTLinux is "not appropriate for the placement of comprehensive applications". Confused yet? Here's the whole interesting trio of articles for your edification and reading pleasure."


  • Linux
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