December 15, 2005

Real Time Report: ODF/XML Open Forum at the Mass.

1. I modestly cleaned up the text below after the Forum, but it is otherwise unchanged from the text that I entered during the Open Forum and which was posted in real time during the Forum. 2. An audio recording of the Forum was made by Dan Bricklin, and may be heard at: You may also wish to use the rough text below as a tool for more easily finding a specific section of Dan's recording. 3. Bob Sutor's prepared remarks may be read in full at: 4. Some of the notes below are more extensive than others, depending on how well I could hear, how fast the person talked, or how easy they were to summarize in real time. As a result, the fidelity and thoroughness varies. 5. Please regard these notes as informative rather than dispositive; please use Dan's podcast for the definitive version. I'm currently at the Mass. State House, attending a meeting called "An Open Forum on the Future of Electronic Formats for the Commonwealth," which is focusing on the current controversy in the Massachusetts legislature over the adoption of ODF and/or the Microsoft XML Reference Schema. I will be reporting here in real-time as the meeting proceeds. I won't be trying to take a rough transcript this time, but will try to summarize as many of the presentations' key points and questions as possible. There are about 100 people in the formal, ornate, high-ceilinged Senate Reading Room. The crowd includes State legislators, corporate employees (many from IBM, Microsoft and Sun), press, accessibility advocates, and others.


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