January 7, 2002

The REAL top ten Linux predictions of 2002

Author: JT Smith

Neal writes: "1. Mandrake Linux will once again amaze the Linux world with quality software and easier installation. (Editor's note: we're pretty sure some of this stuff happened already. Isn't that cheating?)
2. Corel Linux will be just a memory.
3. Red Hat will finally get past the 1024 cylinder error.
4. Linux will hit 8 to 10% of the desktop market.
5. Ximian will lead the way in Gnome development.
6. Delphi Kylix will be the Linux development package of the decade.
7. SuSE will finally learn we don't want to run from the CD.
8. Sun will rock the world with StarOffice 6.0
9. OS X will change how we look at commercial OSes.
10. Linux will become a real alternative to Windows XP with better
 support and a wide range of software more than ever."


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