October 2, 2001

RealOne (RealPlayer 9) alpha preview for Linux

Author: JT Smith

RealNetworks has released an alpha preview version of RealPlayer 9 for Linux, which now seems to go by the name of RealOne. There are a few things you need to do in order to get your hands on the latest release, and in a message originally posted by RealNetworks' core developer Greg Wright, you'll find out everything you need to know.
Here is how to get it:

                   1) Goto http://scopes.real.com/real/player/unix/unix.html

                   2) Fill in the form and Choose Linux 2.x (libc6 i386).

                   3) click on "Download Community Supported Player"

                   4) Don't click on the normal download links. Go look at the very
                   bottom of the page. You will see

                   "RealOne Player for Unix - Preview Release"

                   If you would like to try the alpha version of RealOne Player for
                   Linux 2.2 x86, use the button below."

                   5) Click on that button and download.

                   Hope you all get a chance to try it and give us feedback. I think you
                   will all find a much improved UI and user experience.


                   Greg Wright
                   Core Dev.
                   RealNetworks Inc.

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