October 30, 2001

RealScale Technologies i-Cluster (tm) Blade Server

Author: JT Smith

Serge Dujardin writes: "The first high availability Blade Server platform leverages Red Hat® Linux® 7.2 features for improved reliability, security and cost-effectiveness."
Sophia Antipolis, France - October 30th 2001 - RealScale Technologies Inc. today announced that its innovative i-Cluster? Blade Server platform supports Red Hat® Linux® 7.2. By embedding this last version on its i-Cluster? Blade Servers, RealScale Technologies enables Enterprises, Institutions and xSPs to deploy an even more efficient and high performing application server environment.

?Red Hat® Linux® 7.2 ships with the new generation Linux® 2.4.7 kernel. This will add significant reliability, security and performance capabilities to our Blade Servers. Moreover Red Hat® Linux® 7.2 will allow our customers to benefit from even easier network, hardware and user management plus straightforward firewall configuration for added security,? said Jean-Christophe Pari, CTO of RealScale Technologies.

RealScale will leverage its unique Blade Server technology embedding Red Hat® Linux® 7.2 to allow Enterprises, Institutions and Service Providers to deploy easily, quickly and cost effectively solutions such as:

- Internet/Intranet applications

- Information Systems (file sharing, e-mail, office applications)

- e-Business Applications (Databases, e-Commerce)

- High Performance Cluster Computing (e.g. Beowulf) etc.

The i-Cluster? offering is ready for shipment. Prices for i-Cluster? based High Availability Blade Servers start at $990. For more information about price and availability, please contact RealScale at: sales@realscale.com.

About RealScale Technologies

RealScale Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer and leader of Blade Server Technology. Early in 2000, RealScale released the i-Cluster?, the first patent pending Intel®-based Blade Server platform. Today RealScale delivers to Enterprises, Service Providers and OEMs the most comprehensive range of Blade Servers in the market. RealScale brings to its clients the most open, flexible and scalable managed Blade Server platform based on an industry proven server architecture (Intel®-based) while enabling unequalled availability, high server density and extremely low power consumption. Founded in 1997 by Serge Dujardin and Jean-Christophe Pari, the company?s European headquarters are located in Sophia Antipolis, France.

RealScale Technologies and i-Cluster? are trademarks of RealScale Technologies Inc. and its affiliates. Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information about RealScale, visit www.realscale.com or contact:

RealScale Technologies, Inc.

Serge Dujardin, President

Tel: +33 4 93 95 68 70

E-Mail: press@realscale.com"

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