October 22, 2001

REBOL to revolutionize the net and compete with Microsoft

Author: JT Smith

H2O writes "REBOL is a very powerful interpreted language and platform, which focuses in allowing the programmer to write Internet applications extremely easy (eg. a newsreader in under 15 KB of source code and an IM app for 7 KB, all in full GUI). Now Rebol Tech introduces the (also free) Rebol/IOS, which is a layer on top of existing OSes (the platform have been ported to 44 platforms (!), including Linux of course) and it is going to play the role that Microsoft wants to play with .NET. But the difference is that Rebol's applications are only some KB large and can run even through very slow modems (in contrast to .Net's apps) and that the technology is here *today* (not at Ballmer's bedtime dreams). The Rebol founder, Carl Sassenrath, gives a detailed interview at OSNews explaining how they are going to compete with Microsoft etc."
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