May 26, 2004

Recycle Old PCs with Symbio Technologies' software

Anonymous Reader writes "True Recycler Symbio Technologies Uses Old PCs as Diskless Thin Clients in New Linux-Based Systems

NEW ROCHELLE, NY, May 21, 2004 While some top PC firms have called for old PCs to be recycled environmentally, the founders of Symbio Technologies, an independent consulting and services firm which helps businesses leverage e-business software technology, says Not so fast!

When I read how Dell and Hewlett-Packard wanted to assume more financial responsibility for recycling used computers, (see 2 PC Makers Favor Bigger Recycling Roles, The New York Times, May 19, 2004), I couldnt believe it, said Roger Del Russo, co-founder and COO of Symbio Technologies. I turned to my partner, Gideon Romm, and told him, theyre taking away future diskless thin clients from our system, The Symbiont and other Linux systems. And then they sell new PCs that become old PCs. Thats their idea of recycling

Del Russo said Symbio can help businesses, schools, libraries, government agencies and other organizations get more for their technology dollar and increase their user/computer ratio by rejuvenating outdated PCs, bringing them back to life as diskless thin clients. Just remove the hard drive, CD-ROM, and floppy disk drives and connect the reborn PC to a server loaded with our Symbiont Management Suite and youll have a robust, new computer that runs as fast as your server, he said. With the Symbiont solution, a stripped down old PC, even a Pentium I, can be viable and valuable again.

The thin client is a classic less is more approach with no moving parts to break and no embedded software to update or become corrupted, he said. And thin clients use 90% less energy than the outdated PCs that spawned them, and, with server-based data and software, theres no virus threat on the desktop.

IT experts, such as the Gartner Group, estimate that thin client networks can save thousands in total cost of ownership (TCO), Del Russo said. While previous thin client networks could be difficult to configure and administer, we offer a GUI interface and drop-down menus to make it simple and easy. And Symbio is a true recycler as we bring back old PCs as part of a powerful and cost-effective network.

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Based in the New York City suburb of New Rochelle, Symbio Technologies is an independent consulting and services firm that helps businesses leverage e-business software through the design and deployment of Linux-based thin client products and services.

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