January 23, 2001

Recycling old texts: Open Source publishing

Author: JT Smith

LinuxPlanet has a story about Open Source publishing and whether writers should complain about people modifying their work. "Last year I went to a Birds of a Feather session for technical writers at the New York LinuxWorld
Expo. To my amazement, I was made to listen to a bunch of people at this session bemoan the fact
that there wasn't more open source publishing in the world. I had seen open source publishing in action before, of course, on various projects such as the Linux
Documentation Project, and other projects within the Sourceforge Web repository. But these people
were talking about something new -- applying open source policies to publications already
copyrighted ...
And I then found myself in a sudden wash of guilt. Was I being a hypocrite for espousing the merits
of open source on one hand, and yet being completely self-righteous about keeping my own works


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