January 27, 2004

Red Hat to accelerate desktop Linux

Red Hat is accelerating development of Linux for the desktop and for handheld clients, but sees considerable work to complete before facing Microsoft
in the consumer market, according to the company's CEO.

"Microsoft has been delivering a desktop product now for almost 14 or 15 years, ever since it introduced Windows, and that is the expectation that
most customers in the marketplace have about ease of use, about function," said Matthew Szulik, Red Hat's chairman and CEO, in Bangalore on Friday.
"So for Red Hat to move into the consumer marketplace means that we have to exceed that expectation, and that will take time."

Red Hat believes it can compete with Microsoft on price. But Red Hat wants to guarantee users an exceptional Linux product experience with their
software before entering the consumer market, according to Szulik.

Link: techworld.com

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