October 18, 2001

Red Hat adds Linux desktop productivity essentials training course

Author: JT Smith

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.-October 18, 2001-Red Hat Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT), the leader in developing, deploying, and
managing open source solutions, today announced the Red Hat Linux Desktop Productivity Essentials training course. The new
three-day course is designed for people with no Linux experience who want to achieve maximum productivity at home or work
using Red Hat Linux desktop-based application suites for common office productivity tasks.Aimed at corporations, businesses, and home users, the course requires only experience with use of mouse, use of menus,
and use of any graphical user interface or window-based application on any computer system.

Red Hat Desktop Productivity Essentials helps new users make a smooth and rapid transition to using Red Hat Linux graphical
user interfaces and applications for traditional office tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet creation, graphic design, file
management, email, and internet access.

The course is designed to facilitate large corporate and government rollouts of Red Hat Linux to the desktop, as well as
providing small business and home users with immediate and comfortable transition to Red Hat Linux and Linux-based
applications for all their favorite tasks.

"Red Hat Linux provides enormous value for desktop use since it comes with powerful office productivity applications that
otherwise would have to be purchased separately," said Peter Childers, Vice President, Red Hat Global Learning Services.
"This new course helps organizations and individuals maximize this value, and establishes what is already being proven every
day: that anyone can become more powerful, productive, free and happy using Red Hat Linux for all their computing."

Details on the RH007 Red Hat Linux Desktop Productivity Essentials can be found at

Please see http://www.redhat.com/training/ for class schedules and pricing.

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