August 7, 2003

Red Hat and SuSE - United Linux

MadPenguin writes: I would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for the efforts that Red Hat is making to protect our software and our freedoms. From the press release issued by SuSE Linux today, it would appear that we all speak with one voice.

This is a true testament to the greatest strength of the Linux community: Though we may be a seemingly disparate group, we all march to the same beat. We all have a singular goal... to ensure the survival of Linux. Even companies who may be competing in day to day operations are coming together to ensure that their (and our) future in the new world of technology is secure and certain. Thanks to Red Hat and SuSE for having what it takes to make a difference... to stop the spread of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Mad Penguin applauds the efforts of these two great companies and to the strength of the Linux community. I think we have finally realized the true meaning of 'United Linux'.


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