August 20, 2002

Red Hat calls on Linux community for beta feedback

Anonymous Reader writes: "MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: "Red Hat asks the Linux community for help with beta testing . ... 'Thank you for trying out the Red Hat Linux BETA. The purpose of this beta is to get feedback from testers so we can improve our distribution.' (Red Hat Linux 7.3.94 Release Notes) . . . Red Hat has placed the third beta of the next Red Hat Linux distribution, Red Hat Linux/x86 7.3.94 (Null), on its public FTP servers today. It likely will be called either Red Hat Linux 7.4 or Red Hat Linux 8.0 . . . the Red Hat developers have changed the name of the Red Hat Linux 7.4/8.0 beta from Limbo to Null." Check this story for, details, links, and full story!"


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