November 20, 2003

Red Hat gives away Fedora core

Jim Lynch writes "If you're hot to trot to play your MP3s or DVDs, then you'll be a bit disappointed in Fedora. For legal reasons, it doesn't come with the ability to play MP3s (the appropriate plugin is missing from XMMS) or DVDs. We discovered this after we had downloaded Ted Nugent's excellent Crave MP3 to give it a shot on Fedora. We got a popup message explaining why that was left out of XMMS.

There is a way around the MP3 problem, however. You can download the 1.2.7 version of XMMS ( and then install the MP3 plugin for it (try doing a Google search for more information). We soon had the Motor City Madman's "Crave" blaring from the speakers of our Fedora box."



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