Red Hat gives training discounts to Fedora users and developers


Author: Shirl Kennedy

As a way of thanking Fedora contributors and users for their support, Red Hat is offering discounts on its training programs, in some cases up to 25% off the normal price.

Said Fedora project leader Max Spevack in a message on fedora-announce-list announce Friday:

The last 8 months have been very exciting for Fedora. We released Fedora Core 6 (Zod) in October. Fedora 7 (Moonshine) was released yesterday, and it is the most ambitious release that the Fedora Project has undertaken.

The nature of Fedora is such that many of our contributors and users are very technical, and make Linux their careers as well as their hobbies. We know that many Fedora contributors and users hold RHCT, RHCE, or RHCA certifications. Obviously, we are happy that you choose Red Hat Training and and we appreciate your business.

As a way of saying thank you to our community, we are pleased to offer special discounts to Fedora contributors who register for upcoming Red Hat training courses.

We know that many of you are taking these classes anyway, and we’d like to make it a bit easier on your wallet.

Red Hat is actually offering two separate discounts — one for Fedora contributors and one for Fedora users — that are available in different geographic areas; details vary slightly by location. Basically, active Fedora contributors (who have a e-mail address) are eligible for discounts of 20% to 25%. Fedora users (who have it installed and/or are currently using it) receive discounts of 5% to 25%.

North American contributors get a 20% discount, while North American users see a 5% discount. Users and contributors in China get 25% off of Red Hat training. Complete details are posted on Fedora’s training website, including the offer codes to use when registering.

The offer ends August 31, 2007, so if you’re a Fedora fan or developer looking to cash in, move quickly.

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