Red Hat Launches, an Online IDE for Building Container-Based Applications


Red Hat is launching today, its first major foray into offering cloud-based developer tools. As the name implies, sits on top of the company’s Kubernetes-based OpenShift container management platform and provides developers with the tools they need to build cloud-native, container-based apps. That includes team collaboration services, Agile planning tools, developer workspace management, an IDE for coding and testing, as well as monitoring and — of course — continuous integration and delivery services.

While its focus is somewhat different, this does look a lot like Red Hat’s version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services. What Red Hat has done here, though, is tie together a number of existing open source projects like fabric8, Jenkins, Eclipse Che and, of course, OpenShift into a free service that provides developers with a similar experience, but with a strong focus on container-based applications.

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