Red Hat Looks Beyond Linux For Its Next Decade Of Growth


Ten years ago, Red Hat went “all in” on the enterprise. While the open-source software vendor had been selling distributions and support for Linux since 1993, it wasn’t until 2003 that Red Hat completely dedicated its brand to the enterprise. While the move made Red Hat some enemies, it has also proved profitable, allowing the company to commit fully to open source without also committing itself to poverty. 

In his opening Red Hat Summit keynote, Red Hat Executive VP Paul Cormier suggested that “Today’s problems can’t be solved by one company,” requiring open-source communities to tackle thorny infrastructure problems. In a ReadWrite interview this week at the event, however, Cormier made it clear that Red Hat definitely doesn’t see itself as a passive bystander to this open development.

ReadWrite: Red Hat’s first 10+ years were largely spent making Linux a default enterprise standard; something safe for enterprise consumption. What will Red Hat spend the next 10 years doing?


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