January 22, 2014

Red Hat Upgrades OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Today, Red Hat announced a series of updates to its OpenStack-powered cloud infrastructure offering, Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 4.0 gives organizations what the company is billing as "an on-ramp to a highly scalable, public cloud-like infrastructure based on OpenStack" at low cost. The new version of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure features tighter integration between its virtualization, cloud and platform components. Among other enhancements, it aims to to reduce image inconsistencies and duplications by only creating a single set of virtual images.

According to the announcement:

"Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 4.0 provides organizations with a comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that bridges operations over existing traditional virtualization environments, as well as new private and public cloud resources. It offers an alternative traditional virtualization solution based on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for traditional workloads, as well as a tightly integrated OpenStack cloud framework with the world’s most trusted Linux operating environment, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform."


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