November 11, 2003

Red Hat users balk at Enterprise Linux licensing

Linux may be a free operating system, but the days of free copying may be numbered for Red Hat Inc. customers who, as of this spring,
will no longer be able to receive support from Red Hat without purchasing a support license for every version of Red Hat's server software that they

The Raleigh, North Carolina, company sent a letter to its customers last week announcing that, effective April 30, 2004, it would cease maintenance of
its other Linux product, Red Hat Linux 9. As of that date, Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be the only version of the server software available for

But Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which was designed as a more business-friendly successor to the traditional Red Hat Linux, comes with a different
support contract than Red Hat Linux 9, one that some users say is in conflict with the spirit of Linux's software license: the GPL (GNU General Public



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