December 11, 2007

Red Hat's Open Source IDE

Author: JT Smith

Six months ago, Linux vendor Red Hat acquired the closed source Exadel Studio Pro IDE and pledged to turn it into a fully open source Red Hat product.

On Monday, Red Hat officially released JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS), based on the Exadel product as a 100 percent open source IDE (define). The new Eclipse based IDE offering from Red Hat's JBoss division will provide a development environment that will work on both Windows and Linux for Java middleware solutions from JBoss.

"Other commercial Eclipse-based offerings leverage open source technology like the Eclipse framework," Bryan Che, product manager at Red Hat told "But, they keep all their best stuff proprietary, and that is their incentive for developers to buy a license. Because JBoss Developer Studio is 100 percent open source, we offer developers a different and better value around integration and certification."



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