April 9, 2003

Redback Networks Selects DinoStor TapeServer and Reliaty Backup to Optimize Availability of Critical

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and AMHERST, NH April 7, 2003 DinoStor, a pioneer in network enabled backup solutions, and Reliaty, a prominent developer of advanced data protection solutions, announced today that Redback Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: RBAK), a leading provider of next-generation networking equipment optimized for IP service delivery, has selected DinoStor TapeServer and Reliaty Backup to protect Redbacks business critical data, improving the availability of vital information, saving IT staff time, and reducing operating costs.

"This storage management solution removes physical connection to the tape devices from the servers being backed up, eliminating many problems and increasing filer uptime for users who conduct critical operations on Oracle, email, and Web and departmental servers," explained Andan Lauber, systems administrator at Redback Networks.

Previously, Redback used SCSI cables to connect tape libraries directly to the NetApp file servers. Environmental changes in the data center would sometimes disrupt operations and the IT staff would have to reboot a filer in order to ensure that backups could run during the backup window. "Rebooting a terabyte or so of network attached storage in the middle of the day is not user-transparent. DinoStor and Reliaty gave us the tools to run user-transparent backups and restores and protect the system from unexpected downtime," noted Lauber.

The data protection environment will include Reliaty Backup software on a Sun Fire E220R server and the DinoStor TapeServer, which front-ends more than four terabytes of data to two NetApp F880 file servers, each with five terabytes of disk. In addition, there is a NetApp F760c cluster that serves all Oracle database and UNIX infrastructure server and disk needs. Attached to DinoStor TapeServer are three tape libraries with a total of seven DLT 7000s, and four AIT2 drives. The IT environment also includes ten Windows clients, and NetBSD clients. The solution will handle production backup, as well as, legacy restores and special user requests.

All devices are auto-discovered and all backup jobs are NDMP, made possible by Reliaty Backup, the industrys first data protection software founded on NDMP. Reliaty Backup allows backup and recovery of data from any point within a storage environment to any device, regardless of the server and storage platforms or location of the connections. This methodology creates cost savings, ease-of-use, and faster data recovery.

By sharing more than one tape library on the network, DinoStor TapeServer eliminates the need for a dedicated tape drive/library for each NAS server, resulting in significant cost savings. Also, pooling tape libraries on the network shrinks the backup window by allowing multiple backup data streams from the NAS server to use multiple tape libraries simultaneously.

"Sharing resources on the network reduces costs, a critical factor in todays business environment. Because DinoStors TapeServer increases the availability and performance of Redbacks file servers, the company achieves optimization of both filers and tape libraries," said Caroline Mead, vice president of Sales and Marketing for DinoStor. "And, with Reliaty Backups flexibility and ease-of-use, Redback can improve backup performance."

"The value of a data protection solution lies in the ability to restore data at the moment its needed to ensure business continuity. This combined solution from Dinostor and Reliaty provides reliable, cost-effective data protection," noted Jim Ward, president of Reliaty.

About DinoStor
DinoStor, a division of Global Automation, Inc., provides network enabled data backup technologies. Information about DinoStor TapeServer, an innovative way to share backup devices via gigabit ethernet, and other products, is available at www.dinostor.com or by calling 800.420.DINO or 650.316.5930.

About Reliaty

Reliaty delivers the industrys first data protection software founded on NDMP to safeguard vital enterprise information and ensure business continuity. Reliaty is a leader in the NDMP Backup Working Group, defining the architecture and standardization of NDMP V4 and V5. Visit www.reliaty.com.

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