November 12, 2001

REDSonic aligns with New Level Telecom to meet embedded Linux demands in Korea

Author: JT Smith

REDSonic, Inc., a leader in
real-time Linux solutions for the embedded market, today announced its
strategic partnership with New Level Telecom (NL Telecom) for the distribution
and support of REDSonic's real-time embedded Linux solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, NL Telecom will be a licensed
distributor of REDICE-Linux(TM), RED-Builder(TM), RED-Probe(TM), secure
gateway, thin-client, set-top-box, and IA solutions, in South Korea. NL
Telecom's engineering team will provide technical support, training, and
product installation for REDSonic's real-time embedded Linux solutions.

NL Telecom and REDSonic will begin hosting embedded Linux training
seminars in Seoul beginning early next year. These training sessions will
focus on the technical aspects of creating and deploying solutions utilizing
real-time embedded Linux and development tools.

For NL Telecom, the partnership will allow the company to expand its role
in the quickly evolving embedded Linux market. "The development of embedded
Linux IA solutions is expanding at an exponential rate in the Korean
marketplace and we see ourselves as key players within this market," said Jin
Yu, international business manager at NL Telecom. "The flexibility of
REDSonic's real-time Linux technology, REDICE-Linux, and its powerful embedded
Linux development tool, RED-Builder, will enable us to expand our leadership
role. By collaborating with REDSonic, we can offer embedded software
solutions that significantly decrease time-to-market and lower total
development costs for embedded developers in South Korea."

From REDSonic's point-of-view, the partnership further solidifies its
market share in Asia while also fulfilling the growing demand for powerful
embedded Linux solutions in Asia. "Our newly established relationship with NL
Telecom complements REDSonic's comprehensive Asia-Pacific sales strategy.
REDSonic now has a presence in all major Asia-Pacific countries, including
China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore," said Kevin Tobin, REDSonic's
director of sales. "REDSonic welcomes NL Telecom as a valued strategic
partner and distributor to meet the rapidly growing embedded Linux market in
South Korea."

About New Level Telecom
New Level Telecom provides total development solutions for South Korea's
communications industry. With a comprehensive portfolio of specific vertical
market software-integrated hardware expertise, NL Telecom is the leading
provider of emulation and debugging tools in South Korea. The company offers
development tools, technical support, and consultation for the 68K, CPU32,
ColdFire, M.CORE, MPC8xx, 82xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 4xx, MIPS, Hitachi, ARM, and
Intel XScale microprocessor families. For more information, call
+82-2-813-7474 or visit

About REDSonic, Inc.
REDSonic, Inc. is a leader in total real-time Linux solutions for both
embedded and server systems markets. With its headquarters in Santa Ana,
Calif., and offices in Taiwan, China, and Singapore, REDSonic offers a
complete integrated development environment (IDE) that includes REDICE-Linux,
a real-time Linux kernel, and builder tools to develop embedded systems. The
company also provides professional services, including training, support,
porting, and custom-application development. For more information, please
visit or call 949-833-9679.

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