April 10, 2001

The reflection of FUD

Author: JT Smith

LinuxPlanet: "If any of you were wondering why no one from LinuxPlanet went to Spring COMDEX this year, let me sum up in a few short words: it
was a complete waste of time.

As the resident Midwesterner in the happy little LinuxPlanet family, it typically behooves me to travel to Chicago, St. Louis, or
Cincinnati whenever a big-deal event happens. For huge events, I can usually pry some money out of the bosses to send me to
Eastern seaboard cities. With COMDEX in Chicago this past week, it was a lock for me to go. I was all set: take the train so I could
hack out some chapters of a book I'm working on, crash with some friends, and just generally lurk about McCormick Place looking for
interviews and trying to find my doppelganger Brian Proffit."


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