January 31, 2003

The Register speaks with Red Hat VP about product

jeremy_hogan writes: Red Hat represents a
long-delayed tidying up, and is only - as some of you have suggested -
part of the whole picture, says company VP, product strategy, Erik
Troan. At the moment, the company has a three- to five-year policy
(which is being 'clarified' to a minimum of five this week) for its
flagship server product, Advanced Server, and a one year policy for its
'consumer' products.

Which at the moment is everything else, which is really where the
problem lies. Red Hat currently has one big, fairly expensive server
product aimed at business, and then the 'normal' stuff. There is clearly
a hole for people who want to equip business desktops or deploy smaller
servers, and want to do it with Red Hat. Troan confirms that the company
is moving to fill it."

Link: http://www.theregister.co.uk/


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