The Reglue $32,000 Campaign Challenge


At this point, the Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign for $32 million is just north of $7 million.

At this point, the Reglue Indiegogo campaign for $32,000 is just south of $4,000.

And that’s after Mark Shuttleworth kicked in $1,000 to the Reglue campaign (a sincere thank you for that one, Mark; sincerely and seriously — no snark).

If you do the math, $32,000 is 0.1 percent — one-tenth of one percent — of $32 million. But I hate fractions and decimal points, so I’m going to round up the figure to, oh, 10 percent by throwing out the decimal point and swapping the digits instead.

With this 10 percent factor, I hereby throw down the gauntlet to each and every Ubuntu Edge contributor.

Here’s the challenge: You bought an Ubuntu Edge phone for $600 or $800 already? Great. If you can afford to spend that much on a phone, you can kick in 10 percent of that to the Reglue Indiegogo campaign to help underprivileged kids around Austin, Texas, get Linux boxes, as well as providing the upkeep and day-to-day operations of nine computer learning labs in and around Austin.

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