July 26, 2005

Release 1.0 on Open Source Community

Dave Rosenberg writes "Open Source Community: How to win friends and influence developers

I just finished a giant Release 1.0 report on open source community. Here is the abstract:

If you were to contemplate starting a software company in today's market, you might consider one of many open source models. Clearly the IT marketplace wants open-source applications. Why else would they keep moving up the stack and continue to take market share from proprietary software companies? Databases, ERP, CRM, business intelligence, mobile applications - there is no category that can't spawn an open-source counterpart. There's a low barrier to entry, adoption and business acceptance is on the rise and there is a huge developer community to help build your product. Ah yes, the revered open source community, the invisible mass that supports projects and leads to success! If only you could harness the power and interest of the community, this whole thing would be a cakewalk."

Link: release1-0.com


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