September 9, 2002

Release Candidate 2 of Mandrake Linux 9.0 has arrived

MandrakeSoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the second Release Candidate of the upcoming Mandrake Linux 9.0. This RC2 is the last chance to influence 9.0's development by contributing reports and suggestions.
For this final testing session, the development team requests that beta testers focus on recent improvements to the installation "Upgrade" mode. Please test the ability to upgrade from previous versions of Mandrake Linux to 9.0 RC2, then send us your feedback.

To prove that beta testing isn't all drudgery, 9.0 RC2 offers a bevy of exciting applications to play with, including:

New DrakConf
Many new & improved configuration utilities
XFree86 4.2.1
KDE 3.0.2
Mozilla 1.1
Apache 1.3.26 & Apache 2.0.40
Evolution 1.0.8
Galeon 1.2.5 1.0.1
KOffice 1.2
Shorewall firewall utility
GCC 3.2
And lots more waiting to be discovered

To read the full announcement and download Mandrake Linux 9.0 Release Candidate 2, please go to:


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