January 6, 2008

Release of GoboLinux 014

After 1 year of development and polishing the distribution, the GoboLinux team announces its new release, 014. This is a great opportunity to check out what makes this project so special in the free software community!The new year had just started and the GoboLinux team announced 014, the latest version of the distribution. GoboLinux became well known after their proposal of a different directory structure to store applications: instead of numerous files from many applications spread over places such as /usr/local/lib, /usr/lib, /lib, /bin, and /usr/include (among others), every program stores its files in a unique directory, such as /Programs/Application/1.0 or /Programs/Application/2.0.

Among the advantages are easy installation and removal of programs (which are basically achieved by uncompressing a tarball at /Programs or removing an entry from there, respectively), query installed packages and maintain multiple versions of applications -- all of these without requiring a database such as RPM to keep track of which files were installed by what application and where.

GoboLinux 014 debuts in only 1 ISO, and is itself an installation disc and a Live CD, which means that one can take a look into the distribution without having to install it on his/her hard disk. Check the GoboLinux web site for download instructions and more information.

Link: GoboLinux.org


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