Released GoblinX 1.1

Anonymous Reader writes “Released second version of GoblinX, a liveCD based on Slackware, with a lot of improvements and new stuff, and also new themes for a better visual desktop.
The primary goal for GoblinX is to create a more pleasant and functional desktop, standardising all icons and themes to make it easy for novice users to learn about available applications.
The main improvement happens on kernel which now is 2.6.10, using UnionFS, SquashFS and Busybox, a trio that allows more speed and better compression.
The distro also contains FIVE window managers such as Kde, Xfce, Fluxbox, WindowMaker and Enlightenment, support for five different language, english, portuguese, deutsch, french, and spanish, acessed by just a cheatcode in boot prompt, and included more programs and games.
Also included a better install kdialog program for who wants to install it into hard disk.
Packages included: Fluxbox, Enlightenment, Firefox, Qiv, Aterm, Gcalctool, Gedit, Dnsmasq, Wireless-tools, Mdadm, Idesk, Xchat and Gdm.
Games included: Battle for Wesnoth, Chromium, LBreakout2, Xgalaga, Starfighter, Flobopuyo, Kpat, Kmahjongg, Kreversi and Kmines.
Packages removed: Mozilla, Transcode and Ovlfs.
The second release could be a more unstable version due to those modifications.

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