April 20, 2006

Released GoblinX 1.3

Flavio de Oliveira writes "The GoblinX 1.3 is released today.

The GoblinX 1.3 uses the same kernel from GoblinX Premium, it means you can use all extra drivers from the premium edition on it.
The new release has several improvments and upgrades, also some new special features are added, like 'noload' cheatcode, some errors and bugs are corrected, a new version of linux live are used, and some scripts are upgraded.
In comparison with Goblinx 1.2, this is a more stable and complete version, and almost all livecd was upgraded.
The GoblinX 1.3 uses kernel 2.6.15, Nvidia and Ati 3D acceleration, KDE 3.5.1, Xorg 6,9/7.0, and more.

The Main Changelog over release candidate (rc01): Upgraded linux live to a modificated version of 5.4.0, added noload option, now you are able to not insert module from base/module folder, added network.conf.kmdr(Slax) to help configure the network, added nofglrx option, you can use it to force X to use xorg driver, corrected few bugs and erros, added automatically dhcpcd start at boot, added nodhcp option to not start dhcpcd during boot.


Link: goblinx.com.br

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