April 18, 2001

Released: The next game developers portal

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes: "There is a new game developer portal now available for both open-source and commercial online games. Pixel Entertainment Network went live in Feburary, but has now just started picking up speed by presenting a series of forums for everyone to discuss on topics ranging from just starting to develop a game to the legal sides and marketing techniques for presenting the game (or games).
Although the site is a bit new, there is nearly something new everyday and looks like it has alot of potential, especially as a home for new game developers to express their ideas. This is a great place for new developers to talk with veterans as well as for game players to get some inside hints for some of the games they play today! There are even some links for those looking for additional outside help if this site does not yet offer it.

The site can be found at either http://stormbringer.sysconn.com or http://pcxl.n3.net."

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