Reliable IoT Event Logging with syslog-ng


As I wrote above, the syslog-ng application is an enhanced logging daemon with a focus on portability and central log collection. Daemon means syslog-ng is an application running continuously in the background; in this case, it’s collecting log messages.

While Linux testing for many of today’s applications is limited to x86_64 machines, syslog-ng also works on many BSD and commercial UNIX variants. What is even more important from the embedded/IoT standpoint is that it runs on many different CPU architectures, including 32- and 64-bit ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, and more. (Sometimes I learn about new architectures just by reading about how syslog-ng is used.)

Why is central collection of logs such a big deal? One reason is ease of use, as it creates a single place to check instead of tens or thousands of devices.