August 5, 2005

Reminder: 2006 - Call For Papers

Mike Beattie writes "2006 - Dunedin, NZ! is the annual Australian Linux technical conference, and is one of the largest gatherings of users and developers of Free and Open Source Software in the Southern Hemisphere. It is an opportunity for developers and groups to present their ideas amongst peers, and for the Free Software and Open Source communities to gather in general.

                        A gentle reminder that the Call for Papers is open, and there's only
                        one month remaining for submissions!


The 2006 conference is being held in Dunedin, New Zealand, at The University
of Otago[1]. More information can be found on the conference website:

Call for papers:

                        The organisers of 2006 would like to invite you to
                        submit a paper for presentation at one of the world's leading Linux
                        community conferences.

                        Most presentations will be of a technical nature, but those covering
                        legal, educational, organisational, community or similar aspects of
                        open source software will also be welcome. Promotional presentations,
                        commercial advertisements, sales pitches and their like are not
                        appropriate for this conference.

                        Papers on the following topics are encouraged:

                                        * The Linux kernel, filesystems and networking
                                        * Databases and storage
                                        * Programming languages and tools
                                        * Linux on the desktop: productivity, groupware and GUIs
                                        * Multimedia, audio, video, music and games
                                        * Security
                                        * Linux deployments, practical experience and war stories
                                        * Linux on unusual platforms: embedded systems, virtual systems,
                                                handhelds and very large systems
                                        * Distributions, management and standardization
                                        * Other open source projects

                        We are open to a broader range of topics as well, even non-Linux based
                        projects. So, submit it to us anyway! Please note however, that all
                        presentations must be based on 'open source' software and projects.

                        We have two (very different) main presentation formats: 120+ minute
                        interactive tutorials and 50 minute seminars. You may also wish to
                        participate in a miniconf, lightning talk, BOF session, or present a

                        ** Submission Guidelines

                        Abstracts are required for paper, tutorial and work in progress
                        presentations. Abstracts should be up to 400 words and be submitted
                        to the Paper Review Committee via the web page:


                        Submission requires pre-registration as an Author, providing the
                        following information:

                        * Author's full name (and preferred handle, if any)
                        * Author's complete email address
                        * Author's affiliation with commercial or relevant organisations
                        * Author's postal address
                        * Author's telephone and/or mobile numbers, with area and country codes.
                        * Author's short biography, in around 1 - 3 paragraphs.
                        * Whether travel and accommodation assistance will be required

                        Abstracts and biographies should be submitted as plain text. The final
                        paper should be submitted in an appropriate open format, such as 7-bit
                        ASCII text, HTML, DocBook or LaTeX.

                        Any featured software in papers must be available under a licence
                        compatible with the Open Source Definition[2]. Any papers that are
                        accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms will be rejected. All
                        successful papers must be eligible for republication on-line and on
                        distribution media given to conference attendees.
                        requires publication rights to accepted papers, including the
                        publication of the audio proceedings as well as publication and
                        reproduction rights to any video filmed during the presentations.
                        These rights are non-exclusive. Copyright ownership is retained by
                        the author. Submitting an abstract indicates understanding of and
                        consent to these conditions.

                        In the event that you miss one of the deadlines we reserve the right
                        to revoke any offer to present your paper. We take having the paper
                        for the conference proceedings very seriously and late submissions
                        place an undue burden on our formatting team.

                        ** Travel and Accommodation Assistance

                        Some financial assistance is available for speakers' travel and
                        accommodation in cases of need. Please indicate in the appropriate
                        place during registration as an Author if this is the case.
                        Financial assistance may be withheld if final complete submissions
                        aren't received by the date specified above.

Dates to Remember:

                        * CFP Opened: Tuesday July 12, 2005
                        * Abstracts Due: Tuesday September 5, 2005
                        * Notifications by Review Committee begin: Wednesday September 20, 2005
                        * Final Complete Submissions Due: Friday December 1, 2005
                        * Conference begins: Monday January 23, 2006

Please feel free to forward this announcement to your local LUG, or any
other person or group that would be interested!



Mike Beattie, 2006 Organisers"

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