July 10, 2004

remote hosting of wireless performance management

Jon Strabala writes "16.Jun.04 -- Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc., aka QuantumSI, has completed, in record time, a full production Remote Hosting Turn Up of the CROME performance management (PM) system covering all of Jordan's iDEN based infrastructure. Once the okay was given for Quantum to begin, this system began a live, full production reporting system within eight (8) hours, with all data being back-hauled to Quantum's Costa Mesa CA server farm. After Xpress staff had created the proper firewall rules, Quantum's service came on line in record time as a pure remote service with no locally installed equipment.

Fast effective Remote Hosting services for complex performance management (PM) data is an industry first. Our competitors typically require several months (even years) when attempting to deploy a PM solution. Their lengthy schedules are in stark contrast to an eight hour CROME Remote Hosting implementation or alternatively an expedited two (2) day local CROME HW/SW deployment of a full production CROME server at any location in the world.

Upon turn-up our server farm quickly loaded three full days of PM data from Xpress Jordan, starting from June 14, 2004, upon which the customer's data immediately became available for all CROME full ad-hoc reporting tasks and analysis tools from any authorized location in the world via both standard web browsers and QuantumSI's advanced CROME client GUIs. Xpress Jordan is now benefiting from the full ad-hoc reporting features that are built into CROME which include "live reports" allowing highly integrated graphical, spread sheet, and geographic analysis.

QuantumSI's Vice President of Engineering, Mark Karmelich, was asked what the impact of Remote Hosting of complex PM in the telecommunications industry has been:

"In the past we [QuantumSI] primarily focused on maintaining and constantly increasing our competitive edge of CROME over all other products in the wireless and wireline performance management reporting space. However, in the past five quarters we have also started a major initiative to provide Remote Hosting options as a way significantly shorten the sales cycle, increase customer options, and ultimately expand world wide sales. A typical example is the recent Quantum/Xpress partnership. Not only was the length of the sales effort shortened from about eighteen months to a matter of weeks, but the perceived risk of the client (i.e., a large turn-key hardware and software acquisition from a foreign source) was completely eliminated".

In just three (3) weeks CROME has helped Xpress to increase actual traffic by 63% for interconnect and 87% for dispatch and allowed RF engineers to pinpoint issues in near real-time. This has allowed proactive rectification of sub-optimal performance in numerous network element types.


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