July 6, 2001

Report on Libre Software Meeting

Author: JT Smith

Alix Guillard reports on the July 4 session at the meeting in Bordeaux, France: "Presentation of the LSM took place in the great auditorium of ENSEIRB.
Pierre Jarillon explain the aim of the Meeting. He told the in the
early time when he was developing software for the space shuttle Ariane,
he had to take often the train to install its new software in different
areas where his company had subsidiaries. He enjoyed a lot chatting
with his colleagues while the tapes were running. Then he get connected with
the network and could install remotely his software, he realized that
since then, he could not have the same relationship he used to have with
his remote colleagues. "Free Software developers work together on the same project from many
different location in the world and have very few opportunity to meet in
real life. This is why he had the idea of creating this 'Libre Software
Meeting' in order to allow libre workers to see each other, to share
ideas and knowledge through conferences; meet each other, exchange
fingerprints and enjoy their stay in Bordeaux.

"More about it: http://lsm.abul.org/."


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