February 3, 2001

Reporter's notebook: Linux meets Unix at LinuxWorld

Author: JT Smith

From Information Week: "The last trade show I went to where SGI, IBM,
Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems had four of
the most prominent booths on an otherwise
unremarkable show floor was the now-defunct Unix
Expo in 1994. With so many mainstream Unix
vendors, and even one major-league corporate
software name, Computer Associates, on the show
floor, Linux World Expo (www.linuxworldexpo.com)
barely mustered the traditional, rebellious,
open-source spirit. Add Compaq (owner of Tru64
Unix) and Caldera Systems (which recently acquired
Unixware and some of the SCO Unix product line) to
those companies, throw in Linux operating-system
vendors such as Red Hat, Mandrakesoft, and SuSe,
add a dash of BSD Unix flavor from vendor BSDI,
and you've got an operating-system stew that was
as much Unix as it was Linux."


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