September 26, 2006

Resolvo launches OpenOffice training portal

Mark Nguan writes "SINGAPORE - (September 25, 2006) Resolvo Systems ("Resolvo") announces today the official launch of OpenOffice.Org Computer based training portal, a
FREE online training portal for 2.0 users. See

Resolvo believes that this is possibly the first OpenOffice.Org online training portal that provides comprehensive step-by-step interactive
flash tutorials, knowledge base with search by topic/keywords capability, humorous animation coupled with online quizzes to measure pass rate for

Recent development of OpenOffice.Org has been very positive, especially now that Open Document Format (ODF), the format which OpenOffice.Org uses,
has become an ISO standard since May 2006.

"This project is symbolic for everyone in Resolvo. We have always been strong advocate of OpenOffice.Org adoption. Since our last big win with
Singapore Ministry of Defense in a project that leads to migration of 25,000 users to OpenOffice.Org, we have been exploring how we can further
contribute to drive even wider adoption. One of the top concerns we gathered over time is the user re-training cost. Therefore, we thought the best
way to address this concern is to have a D.I.Y learning portal for the users." said Yap Boon Leong, Resolvo's business development director.

Resolvo also hopes to explore partnership with various Linux desktop operating system vendors on extending value of their current Linux desktop O/S
(usually comes default with OpenOffice.Org) with this training portal.

Access to this portal is FREE for individual/home use. For corporate, there is a free trial version available online.

For more information, visit

About Resolvo Systems Pte Ltd (Resolvo)

Resolvo Systems is a Resource Optimisation Company. We provide technology professional services to our clients in their enterprise infrastructures.
Resolvo has been a strong advocate of Open Source / Linux and we constantly seeks to leverage on new technologies and different approach to solve
traditional infrastructure problems and compliment increasing business needs.

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