February 16, 2005

Resolvo launches Windows to Linux Migration Tool

Chan Ying Yip writes "Resolvo Systems Pte Ltd today announced the launch of MoveOver, a desktop migration tool that helps Windows users resolve their pains of migration to a Linux desktop within a few clicks of the mouse.

MoveOver comes with a user-friendly, wizard-driven interface to migrate various parts of the Windows environment, including documents, e-mail messages & settings from Outlook or Outlook Express, wallpaper, cookies, Internet bookmarks and other user-specific preferences, to major Linux desktop distributions. Installation is quick and fuss-free, and the best part is, users do not require any Linux know-how in order to make the switch.

In only two steps, MoveOver simplifies the migration process and makes it easy for a Linux desktop to look and feel like a typical Windows machine.

Why move with MoveOver?

MoveOver offers the following benefits:

1) 2-Step Migration
MoveOver is a self-explanatory wizard based program that is intuitively easy to use. In two simple steps, your new Linux desktop will look and feel like your Windows machine.

2) Save up to 90% of your time
No more spending long hours manually migrating to Linux. MoveOver reduces up to 90 percent of the time it takes to manually migrate to a Linux desktop.

3) No Gurus Required
Manual migration requires specialized technical knowledge and may result in frustrating human errors. MoveOver provides the ideal solution by automating the entire migration process, thus ensuring that all the files and settings are saved and intact.

4) Move only what you want
For advanced users, MoveOver provides the option to choose the files, settings and emails that they want on a new Linux desktop.

5) 2 Versions for Personal and Corporate Needs
For US$20, MoveOver Standard Edition is available for home users and small offices at MoveOver's product website.

Larger enterprises can turn to the MoveOver Enterprise Edition for efficient and hassle-free migration of 20-100,000 computers.

*Based on Gartner report, Linux on the Desktop: The Whole Story, August 8, 2003.

For more information, please visit the product website or send a mail to Resolvo Systems.

About Resolvo Systems
Established in 2000, Resolvo Systems is a Resource Optimisation company, focused on optimising clients' business resources ranging from Business Analytics, Office Collaboration and Linux Infrastructure solutions. Resolvo is a strong advocate in the adoption of Open Source and Linux in achieving "More with Less" for its clients.

Resolvo has accumulated a strong list of clients ranging from blue-chip companies to government organisations and SMEs. These include:

- The National Library Board
- Singapore Ministry of Defence
- China Construction Bank
- The Boston Consulting Group
- Citibank Singapore
- SembCorp Logistics
- Shell Exploration (Asia, Middle East and Africa)
- North East Community Development Council
- South East Community Development Council

Link: resolvo.com

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