September 18, 2001

Response to CNET review of VNC

Author: JT Smith

Greg Breland writes. "This is in response to a CNET review of VNC, which is an Open Source software utility that allows remote control of a computer over TCP/IP. I want to state up front that I use VNC and Pc AnyWhere everyday to do my job. I prefer VNC to PcAnyWhere because of its simplicity and stability. I am NOT responding to this review because it does not recommend VNC. I can think of many situations where VNC is not the tool to use and another remote control software should be used instead. I am responding to the review because it contains a lot of incorrect information. I think, for instance, that CNN did a very good job of reviewing VNC even though VNC placed last in that particular review.

(Response to CNET review of VNC at


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