October 15, 2002

Results from We Want Linux survey

Blake Couch writes: The WeWantLinux.org survey site has been operating for two months,
gathering data on consumer interest in computers pre-loaded with the
GNU/Linux operating system. With over 1100 survey entries validated,
the results show a high level of interest in Linux PCs across the
board. The survey site will remain active for the forseeable future,
but the preliminary results are worth noting.

The aggregate survey numbers represent 65 countries around the world.
Just under 60% of the survey participants live in the USA. Taken as a
whole, over 86% of the participants (988 of 1146) say they would
consider purchasing a new computer with Linux pre-loaded. Looking at
just the participants who identify themselves as non-Linux users, 59%
(78 of 132) say they would consider purchasing such a machine. Among
US particpants, those numbers are 88% (601 of 679) overall, and 61%
(55 of 89) for non-Linux users. To query the survey results database,
please go to

To participate in the survey, please go to


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